1. Thematic expertise, stage focus

Investing only in what we know best: early-stage marketplaces and digital brands.

2. On call 24/7

By email. On your dedicated slack channel. Through whatsapp. By phone.

3. Fundraising

$200M raised by our portfolio (so far) after we invested.

4. Talent & Hiring

Sourcing, interviewing and pitching.

5. Network across Europe

Offices in Madrid, London and Paris.

6. Community of founders

Scaling network effects with our founders at the center of it all.

7. Workshops & advisors

B2B Sales, Product, Marketing. You name it, we deliver actionable expertise.

8. Dedicated events

Onboarding Day. Portfolio Day. Thematic events. Pitching and networking.

9. Honest feedback

From us to you. From you to us.

10. Play hard, go beyond